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Dead Island Cannot Find Script Dll X86 Rwdiexe Fix




x64" [Undecided,Incomplete] infinity: is that going to require some interaction with the upstream project or is it just a new build system? adam_g: Kind of new, from the context of an older launchpadlib version. adam_g: This is all new. infinity: ahh. at least it still support VCS handling adam_g: (But an effort to make a common interface to CVS, SVN, bzr, git, hg, mercurial,...) adam_g: Yeah, it's pretty stable, despite being rather... odd. adam_g: (But yes, git-landing does have a git-landing-service repository with some VCS-landing-hub interaction stuff, which is what was in the backport you linked) s/in the backport/in our backport/ seb128: done cyphermox, thanks np seb128: Well, you can blame cyphermox for my svn disaster if you wish. :P cyphermox: I blame you. :P infinity, well, I blame you as well but it's not my fault you didn't open the config file seb128: No, it wasn't. and I don't think you did... seb128: Which was I blamed in error. seb128: There was something else, but I can't remember what. lol jcastro, larsu: ^ ah, thanks, I thought it was you. That was a while ago seb128: i have no idea, I've not touched that code in ages it seems to me like a webkit bug or something, it worked for me let me try to recreate jcastro, I've nothing against your changes




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Dead Island Cannot Find Script Dll X86 Rwdiexe Fix

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